Sunday masses aren’t exactly the most exciting thing for a 4-year-old. As a matter of fact, most kids these age have to be hurdled to church just to get their religion straight at a young age – I was one of them.
I had to go to mass with my parents every Sunday at our city’s cathedral. I “had” to. Good thing there were lots of stalls outside that sell many treats to choose from. All I had to do was excuse myself and ask for some change. My favorites were waffles – Oh, those yummy yellow stuff cooked to perfection all covered with butter finished off with sprinkled sweet sugar!
In my Sunday dress and cute little white shoes, I would walk the middle of the altar and go out of the church. Outside, I would eat and wait until I’m finished so I could come back again to my mother who was waiting for me inside and then I’d ask for more, doing so just to avoid the boring things inside that they talk about.
I was about to make my fifth purchase of the pancakes when the bell rang, meaning the mass was done and over. I hurriedly went inside randomly getting squished against the tide of people coming out from the church. I was frantic. My mother wasn’t in sight anymore. I felt all the blood draining from my face.
I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t know where to go. I looked left and right and searched as much as I can, screaming “Mama! Mama!” in the hopes that she’ll hear me. I was sobbing, crying my hearts out for this time, I was a four-year-old without a mother in a big city.
Then it came to me, if she can’t find me and I can’t find her, maybe I could go home and we’ll meet there. That was it, I decided to go home. But there was a problem, I had no more money left with me – I regret buying those fluffy yellow stuff the moment I realized this. There was only one thing left, I had to “walk” home. My little feet were now what I could rely on and then the decision was final.
I held my head high, wiped the tears from my swollen eyes and started my long journey home. Each tiny step was closer to home. I had to rely on my memory though, I couldn’t fail. I remembered everything my parents told me: not to talk to strangers, look left and right while crossing the street and the name of our street. With these in mind, I dare cross a wide high way with humongous trucks and buses.
I did my best and I was home at last. Then, mother wasn’t home. I had no choice but to wait worriedly. Then, there was a knock on the door. It was mother and all my worries drifted as my frown turned to a huge smile.
We ran to each other like those lame teleseryas, but I didn’t care. I hugged her as tightly as I could and began crying again because I saw that her eyes were swollen from crying as well. She told me that she searched for me outside the church while I looked for her inside – we didn’t get to meet up. She asked everyone she could for her little daughter and got no answer as to where I was. So she decided to go home and that was where we finally met. She was in utmost disbelief of what I have just accomplished though – a little 4-year-old who walked/ran 2 kilometers home all by herself. As I look back at that point, I can honestly say that I couldn’t have done it without some guidance from the Almighty.
From that day on I swore never again go out of church until the mass is finished. What a harsh way to learn a lesson indeed.

-A short story submission for my Philippine Literature class. meehee. 😀bata


Posted on: May 3, 2012

Brace yourselves! The midterm summer exams are coming!
And here I am doing things I shouldn’t be doing in times where I should be doing something else. For instance, now, It’s the wee hours of the night and here I am writing down this article when I should be studying for my exam on Politics and Governance. Well, that could wait, my exams not ’til 1 pm so I still have some hours to cram everything into my head (and hopefully, that my head will be able to absorb all of it!).
Well, writing this blog entry isn’t the only thing that I shouldn’t be doing this week. There’s a hell lot of unplanned and not-supposed-to-do-or-else-you’ll-fail-your-summer-classes things that I’ve done.
First of all, during this long weekend before the exams (because it was labor day on Tuesday so the university decided to go all the way and consider not having class on Monday as well) I went to Himalayas! No, not the Himalayas you know from the televesion with all it’s beach wonders but Himamaylan, a town about 80 km from our dormitory, I just prefer to call it that way because it may not have that white-sand beach resort like the one on TV but it still has a beach and that’s fine with me. 😀
So yeah, I decided to take away the class in summer class and just go all out with enjoying every bit of summer with my TS friends – Tatay Koring (Nong Arvin) , Lolo Giraffe (Nicole), and Uncle Tarsier (Jessan).
Here are some pics that can’t make its way through facebook because I’m sure my parents do not approve me of going with my all-guy friends to the beach. 😀 Sorry mama and papa, love you!! ❤
But hey, I asked permission, and they said yes. But I kinda leave out the details about us going to the beach and kinda just stayed with us teaching the kids about journalism. And oh yes, about that too. The reason why we had to go to Himamaylan was because we were speakers to a workshop for public school students on journalism. So the beach outing part was just a bonus from the trip. It’s really heart-warming to be part of such a thing – being part of the future generation of writers. 🙂

and yeah. back to the pictures… here are the proof of  a great unplanned summer! 🙂


Okay, the town didn’t have that much recreational areas like parks so after the lecture we decided to grab ourselves some ice cream and spoons and started to walk towards the cemetery nearby. 😀 I asked Nick if it was okay and he assured us that they hang out here all the time with his high school friends. Thank goodness there was nothing scary that appeared on the picture we took.! 😀

Aside from the graves the place was really park-like and we even decided to eat on top of some graves. We assumed it was fine with the dead. well…Image

eating ice cream, like some sirs. 😀


feel at home jessan




The next was a no lecture day because it was Labor Day. Yipee! We had the day to ourselves! We went to the beach, ate lechon manok, practiced some surfing without the boards (yes, using hands XD), got chased by a sea-snake (that was a creepy one) and finally, ended up on top of a small tree getting drunk! Image

Enjoying the view up the tree! 😀


Yeah, nick! show the camera who’s boss! ;D


Nick loves Camera


Jessan as well. 😀

In an article I read in Esquire, Biance Gonzales asked, “When was the last time you did something for the first time?”

I can surely answer, “Last long weekend, and probably the next.”


Unplanning My Summer



So yeah. After months of excruciating pain from excitement that can’t be stopped, the day has finally come for me to see the movie version of my favorite book. But you see, what hurts more is that before this, I had to wait two days (and yes, the movie was already out here in our country on the 21st night) before I watch because the it’s our final exams week. Can you imagine the terror I went through?! I had to cover my ears when I go back to the dorm so that I won’t hear my other dorm mates talking about it. Duh, who would want to want such spoilers? Not me, for sure.
I only had one option. I would watch it on Friday after my last exam. But the problem was, I have no one to go with. I couldn’t stand watching a movie without someone who I can express and shout with while at it!
Just then, le wild text appears on my phone the night before. It was my friend Albert who is planning to go all the way from San Carlos to here in Bacolod (about a 3-hour bus ride ) to watch the movie. Last week they already finished their exams so he had to go home (yeah, we’re from the same city and no, there are no movie theaters from where we came from, far from civilization much?) early and thought that he would miss watching the Hunger Games. Well,m he eventually made some excuses so that his dad would let him watch the movie here. He asked me if we could watch it together and my problem was solved. I couldn’t wait to watch and right after I took my last exam, I immediately rushed (well, what do you expect?) to the mall.
And so we met up. At first I thought that it was gonna be all awkward because our friendship just grew from texting each other. It was actually our first time to actually hang out together. Not to mention, I look like his ex. Well, not really. It turned out fine. The way we talk was just the same way as we texted – full of nonsense and jokes.
We paid our tickets first and he showed me that they look like credit cards now which was actually cool. The tickets are now cards which the machine eventually sucks in. Everything’s automatic nowadays. We bought some snacks and sit back, relaxed and enjoyed watching the book unfold on the silver screen.
The movie started of with some words flashing on the screen. Then there was the Game Maker and President Snow, oooh, he gives me the creeps! Then there was Katniss and the whole movie started off in sequence according to the book. Since Suzanne Collins was one of the Screen Play Writers, you can never expect less. The movie was the closest thing a movie could ever be from its book. It’s as if, it brought your imagination to life and you are watching it on replay from when you were only reading it. And darn, a vivid memory it was. So much better even that what I imagined.
District 12 was the District 12 described in every possible way, from the ashes on the neighborhood because of mining as their main industry to the looks on the people where hunger in every angle was portrayed.
Then there were the characters. Jennifer Lawrence must have had Katniss written all over her when she auditioned for the role. She was perfect for it! The way she speaks has a certain edge to it that you can really feel that she is Katniss, the Girl on fire! Not to mention her beauty and her amazing physique. Then there was Gale, I admit he didn’t have a lot of screen time yet form this movie because that was what it was really wiritten from the book although I know that he will get a lot of it when the sequel will release (I’s excited as hell for Catching Fire!). It’s funny though that everytime, just when things are getting sweet between Peeta and katniss during the games, his reaction is shown, but I get that it’s part of the movie portraying a certain love triangle between Katniss, Gale and the Boy with the Bread. Which brings us down to Peeta. He’s really cute, I admit. At first I was, not at ease with the Jennifer Lawrence and him paring up for this movie because he was a bit short (I know, judgmental me) but man, they actually look cute together, especially when you can see that no matter what happens in the games, you know that Peeta will never turn his back on Katniss. And that sincerity in his eyes made me think that, he deserved the role.
The rest of the supporting characters even made the movie more epic. Prim is so cute and innocent in every way. Haymitch may not be the old ( by old I mean about 50+) fat and drunkard guy I had in mind but what they portrayed was a lot better. He was Haymitch, nothing more, nothing less. I mean, even by the way he delivered his painful jokes made it more of impressing. And of course, Effie Trinket was there complete with the flamboyant clothes and make-up, she was truly from the Capital.
And so the Capital, the Capital was the modern world of the future! It was awesome how they pictured it out. The people with all their colors made it even more stunning.
Oh yeah, the movie was far more greater than I ever imagined

Then the scene where Rue died flushed the tears right out of my eyes with the rest of almost half of the audience. Indeed. That really was something to move as all to tears. Like it was the highlight of the movie even.
The raw emotions of losing someone you just met yet treasure so much was felt by everyone.

The excitement from the Hunger Games are still rushing through my veins. It is a movie beyond the limits of movie stereotyping. It has everything a movie-goer (and even those who are not that fond with movies) can ever ask for – great visual fx, quality actors, a lesson to learn, love and a lot more. It somehow reflects the world today. I wonder when we will ever say to ‘them’ that we are not a piece of their games?

Last night as I was trying to squish some more words and letters from my brain to write my article, I needed a break. Good thing some pastels were around. I thought I needed a break from my linguistic side. 🙂

After the over night last night, I woke up pretty late. As usual, I was the last to wake up (Well, Nick sometimes beats me to it but today he had to wake up early for their ReEd Film Fest).  It was already buzzing in the office with half the staff playing tetris and their other usual routine. The TS pips offered me some noodles, which was really delicious that it made me realize how hungry I was. I was still half awake though. It usually takes me some time to ‘really’ wake up.

Then what really woke me up was the pics on facebook where I was tagged in.  Dee Ann tagged me to some pics, okay lots of pics of me asleep in class. I just can’t help it okey. There’s something about classes that really make me drowsy. Just to let you know, I don’t dare sleep in class unless I’m confident that I have good grades in that subject. But, just to make sure, I untagged my self. 😀

Then what really really made my day go awry was when Dee Ann knocked on the door of the office. I was still in my morning hair when she told me that we were not really officially enrolled in PreCoa, one of our subjects that we worked hard to attend and pay for the last 5 months. The subject that we had in exchange for  PolGov, which was dissolved.  Unfortunately, our exam permits still show that PolGov was the one that we enrolled ourselves to! We had to talk this over with the Registrar’s and the Accounting Offices. For now, I can only sigh and hope for the best.


Here is a pic of the original copy of my enrollment  after I resched and the only proof the we are telling the truth. I’m just glad that I know how to hide my documents.

What’s wrong with the computer system of the school? I don’t know. But they better fix it. As students, this isn’t supposed to be  our problem.

Problems, Y U NO STOP?


Parang Quiapo… Love is like that. If you don’t fight for it someone just might take it away from you.

One of the best decision le have ever made was when I joined my university’s student publication.

Nong Arvin (the cat-lover manong with chinese eyes :D), le me, te Chad (the ultimate hard-core nurse) and Jessan (the small but the most terrible tarsier that ever walked the planet).

People who make Tolentine Star my second home. 🙂

What Le Her Her Looks Like

see? my hair isn't exactly copper. It’s just that, it’s the closest to copper wire human hair can ever look like. The only difference is that my hair isn’t exactly that used to conducting electricity. I agree it’s one of my insecurities in life. That’s why I decided to give wordpress a try. No. This blog is not all about my hair. This is about how I view life. Let me just share bits of it with you. Life from the view of the girl with the copper hair.

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